Master Keys and Padlocks

Installing master key systems? – Engage the master locksmiths

Installing a master key system is like executing a project. It has to be planned and executed systematically. We understand the purpose behind master key systems and will help you install the system the right way. We begin by analyzing your requirements, design a suitable system and help you implement it. Call Diego Lock & Key Locksmith, if you plan to install a master key system. We are the master locksmiths with the best expertise and rich experience in all matters relating to locks and keys. Our experienced professionals will visit your place, study your needs and give you the best solution.

Padlocks repair? Don’t take it light

Since padlocks appear to be simple, you may think that anyone can repair them. No. Padlocks have a complicated mechanism. If handled by unskilled people, a padlock can be permanently damaged. Better to buy a new padlock than to get your old one repaired by an amateur. It will cost you more if the problem repeats. This can happen with improper service by unprofessional people. If you care for your padlocks, leave the repairs to Diego Lock & Key Locksmith. We know how to take care of locks. Our skilled locksmiths will give you fast and reliable service. Call us for any problem with padlocks.

Have your repaired keys radio-dispatched to you

Are you looking for fast service? You will get it from Diego Lock & Key Locksmith, the most trusted name for service and repair of locks and keys. When our locksmiths visit your place, they will fix the problem on the spot in most of the cases. But sometimes, the lock or key has to be brought to our workshop if it needs some machining. To make our service fast, we have mobile workshops, where the repair will be done fast. As soon as the lock or key is ready, it will be radio-dispatched to you. We use technology to serve you faster.

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