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How to select the right door locks

There is more to selecting the right door locks then just picking out the ones you think look best. Looks are important, as these are key visual elements in the design of your home or office, but they also have to be capable of providing you the access and egress control you need. At Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC, we have a wide array of locks that will work with you. We can even order specialty locks that will fit any design scheme without sacrificing security. When you work with one of our locksmiths you can be assured you are getting the best door locks for your home or office that look great and work well too.

Installing high security locks

One of the most common jobs we do at Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC is install high security locks on homes, offices and other sites. We can help you select the right type of lock for the door and area. Some companies will sell you the same type of high security locks for every door, but that isn’t what you need. Our experts can walk you through the security layers in your home or office to identify which types of locks you need where. Then they can install them for you too. Installation doesn’t take much time so you can have your doors secured in no time at all.

Can you make spare ignition switch keys?

Even if you have a transponder key you should have spare ignition switch keys made. The transponder can run the alarm and locks, but if the battery dies it won’t be much help to you at all. Another issue with the new keys is that they can be very expensive to replace. Many people prefer to have their ignition switch keys made at Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC so they can reduce the use of the expensive transponder. The more you can use the spare key, the less chance you have of losing or breaking the transponder key. That can be very important if you have a home where there are several drivers for the car too.

Key duplication checklist

At Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC we can provide you with all the key duplication service that you need. If you have the original key, then come in and we can duplicate it right there. If you need specialty keys copied, call us at our number and we can walk you through the process of finding the identifying numbers so we can have the right blanks on hand. For cars and heavy equipment, we can also search for the matching blanks, plus we can duplicate transponder keys for less than you would think possible. Successful key duplication requires experience in making keys, let us do it right for you the first time.

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