Diego Lock & Key – Locksmith Winston Salem for Businesses in NC

Diego Lock & Key Locksmith Winston Salem knows how important security is to small and large businesses alike. Business security is the specialty of our commercial locksmith in Winston Salem. With your business doors, windows and vaults secured by our locksmiths, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe. Be it a warehouse, safe, vault, office or restoraunt, a reliable lock is your first line of defense, and we are the experts in this line.


We never compromise when it comes to security

Diego Lock and Key commercial locksmith in Winston Salem must never compromises in business security. Always make sure that the technician you put in charge of installing your locks and securing your doors is experienced, certified, and insured. When you hire our commercial locksmith, all of the above are a guarantee. The background checks we perform, and the training our staff receive is part of what made this business a success over the years, serving stores, factories, public and private offices and commercial buildings all over Winston Salem for decades. Now, is the best time to call 336-257-1190 and ensure your business security.

Reliable Equipment and Courteous Workmanship

Each locksmith on the team is stocked with a large variety of locks and key types from the most reliable brands in the world. This includes padlocks, deadbolts, combination locks, electronic locks, rim locks, time locks, and many others. This is an imperative part of designing the perfect security system based on the needs of the business. We have affordable prices and great customer service. Each locksmith is polite and has reliable work which will ensure a lasting protection for years to come.


A 24 Hour Emergency Response

Diego Lock & Key locksmiths are standing by 24 hours a day including holidays and weekends. We are ready to assist with accidental lockouts for any type of lock. We have the tools to open traditional locks and we have the tools to reprogram electronic locks like cardkey locks and more . This is a broad and all-inclusive service that is available to the residents of the city whenever it is needed. Our team believes in helping as many people as they can and serving the community. There is never a bad time to call 336-257-1190.