Diego Lock & Key Locksmith in Lexington NC

Ignition switch keys – They are different from other keys

Ignition switch keys are exclusive to motor vehicles. Though functioning as keys, they have a different mechanism. The whole system is delicate and will break if you put too much pressure while operating it. If the key needs repairing, the mechanic who does the job has to be highly skilled in the job. He is liable to break the system if he is even a little less careful. This is the reason why you should make use of the services of Diego Lock & Key Locksmith in Lexington NC who can do the job with the required finesse. Safeguard your ignition keys by getting them repaired by us.

Get you keys copied by our trained experts

Getting the keys copied may appear to be an easy and routine job. The keys made by copying the original should be identical to the original. When a number of keys are made, a few keys may have slight differences in structure. They will open the lock but using them over a period will affect the internal structure of the lock. You will find that the lock doesn’t function smoothly and needs to be replaced. To avoid these problems, get the copying job done by Diego Lock & Key Locksmith in Lexington and Locksmith Lexington NC, who knows how to do the job perfectly. Our expertise and experience will save your lock.

Magnetic locks service needs expertise

If you need your magnetic locks to be serviced, think twice before giving the job to someone. Magnetic locks work on the principle of electricity, the electricity being generated by magnetism. So a person repairing a magnetic lock needs to have some basic knowledge of electricity and magnetism. Electric devices can be damaged if the flow of electricity is not adjusted or controlled properly. Diego Lock & Key Locksmith in Lexington NC has experts on its roll who are well versed in the principles of magnetism. They know how to make the lock work by making the necessary adjustments. They can rectify both the mechanical and electrical defects.

New locks installation – Consult us before you do this

People expect a new lock to work perfectly for a long time. They fail to understand that a new lock may start giving problems soon if it is not installed properly. Don’t underestimate the need to install new locks properly. New locks installation can be done properly only by experts who understand the mechanism behind the working of locks. Diego Lock & Key Locksmith in Lexington NC is a company that has been engaged in installing and servicing locks for a long time. If you get your new locks installed by us, you can feel comfortable about the long term functioning of the locks.