Diego Lock & Key Locksmith – Lexington NC

We are your home, auto, or commerical locksmiths

Diego Lock & Key Locksmith in Lexington NC provides outstanding service for every kind of issue involving a lock or key. All of our technicians are highly skilled, very professional, and capable of fixing, making, installing, and opening any type of security device as quickly and expertly as possible. What’s more, we offer our customers the fairest prices in town. And because we run a 24/7 operation, we always have operators standing by to take your call and immediately send you the most reliable assistance.


Emergency roadside assistance you can trust

Is it the middle of the night and you’re locked outside of your car in a bad part of town? Were you in such a hurry and had so many things on your mind that you left both the keys and your infant inside a locked car on a hot summer day? Don’t panic or break the window (especially if there’s a baby inside). Instead call Diego Lock & Key Locksmith Lexington NC. We provide emergency roadside assistance you can trust. Our well-trained and skilled professionals will get to you as quickly as possible and soon afterwards have your vehicle safely opened without any damage.

We specialize in keyless entry systems

Are you one of those people that’s always losing, misplacing, or forgetting the keys? Or maybe you’ve just had it with getting your key stuck or broken off in the door knob? Then you’ll be glad to know that we specialize in keyless entry systems. The skilled technicians of Diego Lock & Key Locksmith Lexington NC can furnish your home, business, or vehicle with the most secure and reliable start of the art locks that can conveniently be opened and closed by simply touching a button on a remote control or dialing a personalized access code on a keypad.

Key making specialists

If you have no use for any of the many keyless entry services we have to offer, that’s okay. The versatile technicians of our Lexington team are also key making specialist. Our skilled craftsmen can provide you with any type of key you need, be it a standard replacement, a master key, a non-duplicable key for a high security system, or a transponder key with a programmable microchip.

Call for the quickest and most reliable 24/7 locksmith in Lexington, NC

The professionals of Diego Lock & Key Locksmith Legington NC are always available to urgently and skillfully assist you with any lock and key problem. So call for the quickest and most reliable locksmith in Lexington NC.