Diego Lock & Key – Residential Locksmith Winston Salem NC

A secure home with a secure lock to protect your family. Diego Lock & Key Winston-Salem Locksmith know the proper way to secure and install a top of the line lock that will not only defend against crime but create peace of mind. Burglary is a danger for any home no matter the neighborhood and home invasions are a reality. A lisenced, experienced locksmith from Diego Lock & Key can secure your home and assure that installation was done correctly. There is no reason to trust the defense of your home to an amateur technician. An amateur installation can put your home in danger.


A 24 Hour Locksmith in NC that is Near By

Our residential Locksmith in Winston Salem is always near by. The technicians know the neighborhoods and and might just happen to be some o your neighbors. They want to work hard to secure each home in their neighborhood for a safer city. This is why our technicians service our customers 24 hours a day seven days a week and are completely mobile. We want to help as many people as possible. This team is always prepared for every situation involving locks and keys. We assure satisfaction and our service is second to none. A strong lock installation is the foundation to proper security for a home.

The Solid Installation

Diego Lock and Key residential locksmiths know the strength behind solid technology. We understand the difference between a time tested lock and a system built on a gimmick. We know our locks. Our technicians will pass on that knowledge, as well as quality service and a strong installation to the customer. Never underestimate the damage a half rate installation can create. An installation is what makes and breaks the lock. It is an essential part of the security.


A Skilled Locksmith

A locksmith near by with all the skills and tools necessary for a complete service that will strengthen any home. Each door or window is different, and some locks fit some doores better than others. Diego Lock and Key locksmiths are equipped with the best of locking technology and tools to ensure top quality work. Each locksmith is certified and has the correct amount of experience to properly make use of the tools, locks and pics. There is no reason to ever have to call anyone else. We could be your first and last choice for building a defense system for your home.