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A Locksmith that is Dedicated to Securing the City

247 Winston Salem Locksmith in Winston Salem NC will not compromise on anything less than the best quality products and service – our stock is updated regularly. Our locksmiths carry all makes and models of locks and can cut all types of keys from all the top brands. Every aspect of the business reflects the dedication to security and customer service. The fully equipped dispatch vehicles are prepared for all situations. If you are experiencing a problem with the locking hardware and you are interested in installation of new locks then call 336-257-1190 right away.

The Beginning of a New Locksmith in Winston Salem NC

247 Winston Salem Locksmith in Winston Salem, NC was founded after there was a string of corresponding burglaries in the city. The suspects were amateurs that were able to pick a lock with a soda can. The business began because there was a need to help protect the neighborhoods with a strong lock and installation that could prevent home invasions. It was a means to supply homes with better locks and installation at a low cost. It grew into a larger enterprise that was extended to incorporate car locks and commercial locks as part of our locksmith skill set.


The Emergency Locksmith 24 Hours a Day

In the early years it was apparent that simple business hours were not enough to help the residents of the city. The 247 Winston Salem Locksmith emergency locksmith service was designed to ensure that no home would have to go a night with an unsafe lock. It also served as a means to help the community during accidental lockouts. Locks and keys don’t break on normal business hours. We have designed a service that is great for any home, business, or car at any time of the day or night.

Locksmiths that Design Defenses

We supply a wide variety of new locks and keys. These include deadbolts, padlocks, combination locks, rim locks, time locks, electronic locks, and many others. This can help ensure that the best type of lock is used depending on the needs of the customer. This is a fully comprehensive, quality, convenient service. 247 Winston Salem Locksmith in Winston Salem NC provides only the best and the newest locks, keys and services to the community, for the purpose of comfort and security. Never hesitate to call us, with questions, inquiries and requests.