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Peephole installation – How you do it is the key

A peephole will be useful only if it is fixed properly. Installing a peephole may appear to be a simple job. But it needs some special skills. Each step in a peephole installation requires special care and attention. It starts from marking the spot for the peephole. If a peephole is made at a height which is either too low or too high, it will cause you inconvenience every time you use it. A peephole that is not properly centered will make the door look clumsy. Get the job done by the experts 247 Winston Salem Locksmith Pro who know how to do it right.

Want to remove broken keys? – We’ll do it without damaging the lock

What happens when a key you insert into a keyhole gets broken and the broken part remains inside? The lock becomes unusable unless you get the broken key removed. But can any person do it? Some people trying to help you will use some sharp tool to pull out the key and damage the mechanism of the lock. Only someone like 247 Winston Salem Locksmith Pro who knows how to disassemble a lock will be able to remove broken keys safely without damaging the lock. Don’t try anything on your own and cause damage to the lock. Call us to remove broken keys quickly and safely. 24 Hour solutions

Think of installing security systems – Think of us

For installing any kind of security system for your office or home, call us. 247 Winston Salem Locksmith Pro has been specializing in securing your property. Our range of service varies from repairing simple locks to devising and installing complex security systems. When you install a security system, it has to serve you for a long time. Like buying a house, you will invest in a security system only once. Do it right by getting our expert advice. We will analyze your needs and design a security system to suit your needs. Relax for the rest of your life by getting the security system installed right.

We can service all types of vehicle locks

If you want to get your vehicle locks repaired by automobile mechanics who repair your vehicles, it may not work. Either they can’t do it at all or will make a poor job of it. 247 Winston Salem Locksmith Pro has the expertise to repair all locks. We can take care of your vehicle locks. We know about different types of locks used for vehicles. Our trained locksmiths will fix your problems with door locks, trunk locks and ignition locks. Vehicle locks are light and can be broken if not handled properly. Call us to take care of all your vehicle locks.