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The Best Method for Broken Key Extraction

Keys that have broken off in a lock can be frustrating and stressful to say the least, however, the best method for Broken Key Extraction is calling our professionals at Locksmiths In Winston Salem NC for many reasons. The main reason is that trying to extract the key yourself can cause damage to the lock causing a need to have the lock replaced. The only time you should ever try to remove it yourself is if a good portion of the key is sticking from the lock, otherwise a professional is your best bet. Contact us when you’re in need of a key removal.

Try Digital Door Locks for Extra Home Security

When you are looking for extra home security try Digital Door Locks, as they can offer that extra level you are looking for. Locksmiths In Winston Salem NC offers all manner of digital locks that come in all various shapes and sizes, as well as different styles to match your needs. These locks can also be used in conjunction with your regular key locks for extra security as well. Digital door locks remove the need for keys and help to keep intruders from picking, bumping and drilling your locks. Contact us at 336-257-1190 for information on all our digital locks and pricing as well.

Ignition Not Locking, Have Your Ignition Switch Keys Checked Quick

If your ignition is not locking then, you may need to have your ignition switch keys checked promptly, as there could be a more serious issue involved. Locksmiths In Winston Salem NC has master locksmiths that are available to check your ignition and ensure that everything is working smoothly. The is the main access your vehicle has to all its working parts and when it doesn’t work neither does your car. If the key is giving you problems, regardless if it is a transponder, chip or manual key it will need to be repaired immediately. Contact us for information on repairs on ignition keys.

Locks Re-Keyed Can Be Cheaper than Changing the Complete Lock-set

When a key has been lost, failed to be returned, or you are moving into a brand new home, office or apartment; it is always wise to have a new lock installed, however, it can be cheaper to have the locks re-keyed instead. Contact Locksmiths In Winston Salem NC, and speak with our master locksmiths and they can offer you advice on whether it would be better to re-key or change your locks. Changing out locks is usually more expensive because all new hardware is needed as re-keying only uses new pins in the lock cylinder. Contact us for all your lock re-keying needs.